how many areas do you treat per session?

The Zerona treats up to 300 square inches during each 20 minute session! and the VelaShape III treats up to 50 square inches per 15 minute treatment.


Our patients do not have to change their diets to see dramitic results, however our patients can get better, faster results by 

  • drinking more than 1 gallon of water each day
  • avoiding drinks that dehydrate you
  • eating 4-5 smaller meals and staying away from processed foods

Most patients see results before they leave our office, it is very satisfying not having to wait months like other procedures

​Is there a special diet that i have to follow during treatment?

do the treatments hurt?​

​How long does it take to see results?

The Zerona treatments are completely painless, and the VelaShape III is like recieving a hot stone massage.

actual results from our clinic! patient had 5 zerona treatments and 3 VelaShape treatments between day 1 and day 9


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